Thursday, March 13, 2008

Anemia Drug Limits

A committe that advises the FDA suggests that new drug limits be put in place. But the two companies avoided the outcome they most feared: a recommendation that the drugs not be used by any cancer patients. That probably would have meant the loss of at least $1 billion in sales for each company.

fast-food outlets are cheap and plentiful

You may want to buy healthy food for your family, but if the good grocery stores are far away and pricey and the fast-food outlets are cheap and plentiful, it may be harder to make the healthy choice :

The startling rise in obesity rates in North America over the past two
decades has led to calls for more effective approaches to help people achieve
healthy weights. The State of the Evidence Review on Urban Health and Healthy
Weights, recently released, synthesizes the findings of hundreds of population
health studies published over the years and shines a spotlight on aspects of our
urban environments that can either inhibit or promote our ability to maintain a
healthy weight.

"Two key areas we looked at were economic environments and built
environments--meaning the ways in which the neighbourhoods and the cities in
which we live are planned and developed," said Kim Raine, director of the
University of Alberta's Centre for Health Promotion Studies and lead author of
the report.